About Eureka! Plumbing

Eureka! Plumbing, Inc, is a family-owned and operated small business, meeting the service plumbing needs of residential and commercial customers in Brevard County. Sean, Corey, and the team want the opportunity to provide you with the customer service you are looking for--friendly, professional, and informative.

Owner Sean Boates is a fourth-generation master plumber with over twenty years’ experience. Like any craftsman, Sean takes great pride in his workmanship. He uses only the highest quality materials and strives to make sure customers do not need to call him back for the same job twice. Sean also wants to educate our customers so they understand their options and can make the best decision. We freely admit that Sean’s goals for Eureka! Plumbing won’t make us the cheapest, but they make us the best.

Christopher Boates is following in his father’s footsteps and carrying on his tradition as a fifth-generation plumber. Christopher is a licensed journeyman plumber and has been since June 2011. He learned the trade from his father and has become a highly skilled plumber with a strong work ethic.

Corey Boates, Sean’s youngest son, is also a licensed journeyman plumber. He attained his license in April 2015. Corey demonstrates his dedication to the job in his interactions with our customers. His strong work ethic carries over into everything he tackles.